CYCLING CERAMIC- Bottom bracket – Shimano Ultegra 8000 & Shimano DuraAce 9100/9150 (Black)


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Oversized Derailleur Cage 16/16T – Black

Developed by CyclingCeramic, the oversized pulley wheel cage is the ultimate advantage in the quest for performance. All of our components have been developed and made in France in order to offer you the highest finishing touches, lifespan and performance.

A decreased friction by 98% and optimal lengthening of your chain with result in up to 1 minute gain in a 20km time trial.

: Shimano 8000/8050 & 9100/9150 Series (SS only)

This oversized derailleur cage stands out through its unique oversized pulley wheel cage. All components are developed and produced in France by CyclingCeramic, including hand-mounted bearings to deliver the highest finishing touch, lifespan and performance. The ODC is the spearhead of our range, showcasing the highest quality and highest performing level of CyclingCeramic products.

Because the rotation of the jockey wheels is 4-5 times faster than other bearings on the bike, the gains in this particular area are considerable. Our unique bearing treatment reduces friction up to 98% combined with an optimal lengthening of the chain translates into gaining up to 1 minute in a 20km time trial. According to riders from the World Tour peloton, the shifting performs better and longer with our oversized derailleur cage than any other original derailleurs. How’s that for a competitive advantage?

Note : Pulley wheels black will be delivery with 2 pulley wheels with logo “UP”, there is any difference between the 2 pulley wheels and have any change for performance.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 11 cm